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Once described by Emma Crichton-Miller (a respected writer on art and design) as the craft world’s Cinderella, frames play a crucial role in displaying art, including paintings, to viewers. They enhance the look and protect the art. In fact, frames are as important as the paintings themselves. But how do you find a frame that Read More

Are you interested in becoming an artist? Well, you can take your art to the next level by acquiring professionalism. Whether you want to become a photographer, musician, or painter, or you want to involve in any other form of art, there is no better way of reaching your goal than pursuing an art course. Read More

Printing art on a t-shirt is among the ways artists can showcase their prowess, and maybe make some money from sales. But then, a good piece of art can go down the drain if the wrong printing company does it. Below are some of the tips for selecting the best t-shirt printing company to work Read More

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